The state-of-the-art water and sewer facility at the Woods of South Barrington Subdivision is operated by six employees of Sheaffer & Roland, Inc., consulting engineers of Geneva.

Sheaffer & Roland, which has vast experience in water operations, is under contract to manage the facility for the Village of South Barrington. The system includes two 1,300- foot-deep wells, a storage tank with a 600,000-gallon capacity, and equipment located in a stylish brick building for the removal of radium and iron from the potable water.

Wastewater is carried by pipe to the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District for treatment and disposal. John R. Sheaffer, II, president of Sheaffer & Roland, said the system has all the elements for treatment of the well water so that it meets every requirement of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and has a good level of hardness. Also, there are alarms which would alert the operations team to any malfunction. “One of our operators is on call at all times during after-hours,” Sheaffer said. “In an emergency, that operator can respond within a half-hour.”

The Woods of South Barrington will have 392 homes when completed. At present, 100 homes are occupied, and a retail complex is under construction. Meters are read by the Sheaffer & Roland operators, and billing is done by the Village administrative staff.

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