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All of the services which Sheaffer & Roland offer as consulting engineers have been rendered in its contribution to what it regards as its signature project, the Mill Creek Subdivision in Geneva , Illinois . Mill Creek is an award-winning, expanding 2,000-home residential community whose Sheaffer & Roland-designed system treats the subdivision’s wastewater and ultimately uses it to irrigate Mill Creek’s two golf courses totaling 27 holes.

In 1998, three years after the Sheaffer & Roland wastewater system at Mill Creek was inaugurated, the community won the prestigious Silver Award in a Best in American Living competition sponsored by the National Association of Home Builders and Professional Builder magazine.

Not only did Sheaffer & Roland design the wastewater system at Mill Creek, it operates the 650-thousand-gallons-a-day system under a long-term contract with the Mill Creek Water Reclamation District.

Because the treated water is reused on Mill Creek golf courses, the system is classified as zero-discharge. That means there is no discharge into streams, as in the case of conventional systems. The reclamation process at Mill Creek involves influent pump stations; a comminutor, which shreds the waste; deep aerated treatment cells; storage reservoirs; sand filter pump station; filtration and disinfection; and an irrigation pump station. The treated water is ready for use after 40 days, but must be stored until weather conditions are suitable for irrigation.

Sheaffer & Roland emphasizes flexibility in its planning, a characteristic which allowed the addition of a second storage facility as Mill Creek grew. A school already exists, and retail establishments are planned.

Recently Sheaffer & Roland entered into a contract with the developer of Mill Creek, Sho-Deen, Inc., to be involved in the planning for a 280-home addition, which will include expansion and updating of wastewater reclamation and water-supply facilities.

Reflecting on that contract, on other recent project commitments and on his company’s constant striving for innovation and improvement such as its patented Mars 2000 aerator, a device which has proved its ability to provide oxygenation in pond revitalization and wastewater treatment cells, John R. Sheaffer, II, president, stated: “Sheaffer & Roland is on the move!”

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