South Barrington

On several occasions beginning in the late 1990s, delegations of Chinese visited Geneva , Illinois , as the guests of Sho-Deen, Inc., and Sheaffer & Roland. The delegations toured Mill Creek, Sho-Deen’s beautiful residential community planned for 2,000 homes and featuring a wastewater treatment system designed and operated by Sheaffer & Roland.

The visits led to an agreement between the Chinese, from Beijing, and Sheaffer & Roland for the design of a large (24 million gallons per day) wastewater system which would be used to irrigate plants along the route leading to Beijing’s airport, adding beauty to the area for visitors to the Olympic Games scheduled to be held in Beijing in 2008.

The system was, indeed, constructed, and utilized an abandoned quarry which has a clay base. John R. Sheaffer II, president of Sheaffer & Roland, travelled to Beijing and inspected the site after construction had begun.


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